Students’ behaviour and attitude problems worsen in this new generation

I wrote this blog to share my thoughts and insights about the behaviour and personality of the young generations of today. I am working in a school, though I am not a Teacher. However, I still encountered those students and interact with them and also had a chance to observed their behaviours and actions. My sister who is a teacher from elementary to high school in the same educational institution I am working with, always talks about her students behaviours from the bad and good and how was her day spending tonline-jobs-for-students.jpgime with her students teaching them.


Unfortunately, some of the students in the school I am working or should I say a lot of them has behavioural and attitude problems. Most of them are High School Students particularly most are boys. They’ve done a lot of major and minor offenses from cheating, bullying, gambling and etc. Oh my God! They did a lot of crazy things and the worst they keep doing it and never afraid of disciplinary action that will give to them.

Students of today are so lucky because it is easy to study now. Most of things they need are already there. With the help of modern technology searching is easy, in just a click all the information they need for their assignment will pop up on their computer screen. Before, you need to go to library searching for the things you need. Life is so easy for students of today. However, some of the students don’t appreciate things given to them. It seems a lot of students these days are lazy in terms of school but if you would ask them about social media, games, gadgets and boyfriend and girlfriend thing they are much more interested. Note I am not telling in general because still there are students who are responsible and upright.

I don’t understand why these students act that way. Maybe because when I was a student I’ve never done those things or got involved in any school misdemeanours. We are five siblings all of us never gave our parents and our teachers headache when we were a students. Seeing those students and knowing the things that they’ve done at school. I ask myself why these students act that way. I know there are reasons behind it.

Our School Principal and our school Team Leaders are in-charge of guidance and counselling. They encountered resentment from students and parents on the sanctions given. The worst case is a parent filed a complaint at the Department of Education. It is so hard to be a teacher, teaching while at the same time trying to discipline them in good deed sometimes misinterpreted by students and parents. There are few who don’t appreciate the value of teachers.

Sadly, most of the students that are involved in different kinds of offenses are those who have problems at home and the environment they live. Almost everyday students commit offenses at school and they will do it again and again, as if there is nothing bad with what they are doing. The worst case that is happening today is student offenders bullying their classmates. A young grade 6 student died because of bullying. Her classmates pushed her on a stone wall and she had blood clot in the brain that caused of her death. Hopefully, it won’t happen in the school I am working on and also it won’t happen again anywhere.

The youth needs a good parental guidance. Parents also should guide and keep asking their children. Maybe, there is something that your child or children going through and they need proper guidance. Parents should be aware of their children feelings and happenings in their life.


Rejection equals depression

REJECTION I experienced it a lot of times, started at my childhood days. I remember when I was a kid I was least favorite in the family. My parents are just only one who appreciates me. I’ve been criticized because I’m not an honor student like what my cousins had achieved.

Remembering those memories always made me cry. They don’t know how hurt I am by those comparison, rejection and criticism. I remember those days that I will just go to my room and cry. Listening to Avril Lavigne song Nobody’s Home and Simple Plan Welcome to my Life lessen my pain a bit.

Rejection from those people is the reason why I am introvert, why I am afraid of challenge, why I am lacking in self-esteem. I am afraid to try something. I am afraid because I felt I can’t do that. Rejection that cause my depression that led in being unsuccessful.

I’ve experienced different kinds of rejection. Rejection by my relatives. Rejection when I was applying for job before. It’s hard but I was able to overcome all of it by God and my parents guidance and love.

I can’t say that I am successful now, however I felt I am. My parents and siblings are my success. They are the reason why I still fighting in this what we called life. God’s guidance and hope makes me feel strong to move on and go forward.

Although still struggling right now. I am hoping for a much better future without rejection. God please help me always. Guide may way and lighten up my mind.welcome_to_my_life_by_catt_gal_2006


Stress a life disturbance

Stress is simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium. In other words, it’s an omnipresent part of life according to That definition best describes what I am feeling nowadays.stressed-woman-130417.jpg

Everyday is very stressful. When will I able to overcome it? When will the time that I will not feel tired and unhappy with what is going on in my life? Sadly,  stress is everyday part of my life. Problem with work, people and money. Sometimes you feel so tired. You asking yourself when will the time that I will just feel relax and no worries. True that having a work is much better because you will get a salary of all stresses that will come your way. However, each day I told myself that it is much better to study than to work.

I don’t know maybe, I am not happy with my work now. I feel empty each day. What I always felt is tiredness, headache and boredness. I just want to try some other workplace that I will feel driven, comfortable, happy and contentment. My boss is nice and very supportive actually I learned a lot from her. But there are times that you want change. I want some kind of job that will give me fulfillment. A job that I know I really wanted. A job that I know I am good at. I guess my present job is not meant for me or it is not fit for me.

Right now I am trying to apply at online jobs, hopefully I could get one and I hope it is a part time and home-based job. Multiple companies calling me for an interview. However, I am worried. Last night, Teleperformance called me up and said if I am still interested to try. I want it so badly but I am not brave to gamble. Telus also ask me if I could come to their office for an interview but I declined it because it will have a conflict with my current work.

I hope there will be a  time that I will feel fulfilled, not stress free but less stress. I know stress is everywhere and it is part of our life. I just want a sense of fulfillment especially right now that I am getting old. I hope I will achieve something that I and my family can be proud of. I know God will guide me. He is my strength. I’ve been in this situation before and I know I will overcome it. 🙂



My sister ultimate dream to have a selfie pic with Maine and Alden

One of our favorite things to do when we have excess money in our pocket is to go out and eat in fast food chain or restaurant to treat our parents. It’s just a small amount compared to what they had given to us.

November 17 is my father and my youngest sister birthday. Since my sis already have a work she able to treat us once in awhile. Funny though, at the age of 23, where she wanted to celebrate her birthday.. she wanted it in Mc Donalds. The reason is she is an ALDUB fanatic. Every magazine covers of Maine and Alden she will bought it. We were able to watch the EB Ang Tamang Panahon because of her.

Then that day came, our tatay and her birthday. All of us go to a Mc Donalds branch near our place and celebrate her birthday there. We also bought Coke glasses because she wanted to have it as her collection. We are so happy that day. We are complete and happy celebrating the birthday of the two members of the family. Our life is just so simple but we are contented and happy because we are together as a strong family. 🙂

We stayed there for more than an hour and

decided to go home. One thing that they never forget to do that day is to have a selfie picture with Alden and Maine’s standee. Kinda feel awkward for me because I was in-charge to be their photographer, because no one is attempting that time to take a picture with those standees but of course my sisters are avid fan they don’t mind what people might think with what they are doing. I was able to took pictures of my sisters with AlDub’s standee. That was unforgettable!

Looking forward for more bonding moments with the fam. Hopefully we can visit Tagaytay or Baguio again. Or maybe, watch a live PBA games again. 🙂