My sister ultimate dream to have a selfie pic with Maine and Alden

One of our favorite things to do when we have excess money in our pocket is to go out and eat in fast food chain or restaurant to treat our parents. It’s just a small amount compared to what they had given to us.

November 17 is my father and my youngest sister birthday. Since my sis already have a work she able to treat us once in awhile. Funny though, at the age of 23, where she wanted to celebrate her birthday.. she wanted it in Mc Donalds. The reason is she is an ALDUB fanatic. Every magazine covers of Maine and Alden she will bought it. We were able to watch the EB Ang Tamang Panahon because of her.

Then that day came, our tatay and her birthday. All of us go to a Mc Donalds branch near our place and celebrate her birthday there. We also bought Coke glasses because she wanted to have it as her collection. We are so happy that day. We are complete and happy celebrating the birthday of the two members of the family. Our life is just so simple but we are contented and happy because we are together as a strong family. 🙂

We stayed there for more than an hour and

decided to go home. One thing that they never forget to do that day is to have a selfie picture with Alden and Maine’s standee. Kinda feel awkward for me because I was in-charge to be their photographer, because no one is attempting that time to take a picture with those standees but of course my sisters are avid fan they don’t mind what people might think with what they are doing. I was able to took pictures of my sisters with AlDub’s standee. That was unforgettable!

Looking forward for more bonding moments with the fam. Hopefully we can visit Tagaytay or Baguio again. Or maybe, watch a live PBA games again. 🙂