K to 12 Curriculum Implementation in the Philippines, is it good or bad?

This year marks the first batch of K to 12 graduates or better they called it completion for Junior High School and by next school year the reality of the implementation of a new curriculum will be tested.

There are lot of factors why the government implemented  timagehis new curriculum. The Philippine government analyzed that the previous school curriculum which is the BEC or the Basic Education Curriculum is no longer equip in our education system. They analyzed that we need changed in the education system for us to be more globally competetive. However, there are people who don’t agree in the implementation of the K to 12.

The first reason why people doubted this K to 12 Curriculum especially the parents is because of financial stability. Adding two more years would be a big burden for them. However, the government will give vouchers for the incoming grade 11 students from public and private that they can be used once they enrolled in a private schools.

Another reason is, for them Philippines is not yet ready for this new curriculum because there are still lots of problem that was not yet being resolved like the classrooms, books and teachers shortage and a lot more.

K to 12 Curriculum for me has pros and cons. I know the government wanted to enhance the quality of our education to be globally competitive. But, as a third world country or a developing country. Are we really ready with this change in education system. Old problems should be resolved first, like the classrooms and books shortage. Do Filipinos who are in the poverty line could afford additional 2 years in education. In my opinion we are not yet ready for this K to 12 Curriculum. I hope the government will addressed the old problems in our education system and when it comes then, they can give a shot for a new system in education. They need to know first the opinions of the public especially the parents. They need to inform and explain very well the K to 12 system. I think the parents and also the students are not yet well informed  about the K to 12 Curriculum.

Well, it is already implemented and the first batch of senior high school will start this coming school year and so we don’t have a choice but to undergo with this new education curriculum. Let’s wait and see. I hope it would be a good one.


Students’ behaviour and attitude problems worsen in this new generation

I wrote this blog to share my thoughts and insights about the behaviour and personality of the young generations of today. I am working in a school, though I am not a Teacher. However, I still encountered those students and interact with them and also had a chance to observed their behaviours and actions. My sister who is a teacher from elementary to high school in the same educational institution I am working with, always talks about her students behaviours from the bad and good and how was her day spending tonline-jobs-for-students.jpgime with her students teaching them.


Unfortunately, some of the students in the school I am working or should I say a lot of them has behavioural and attitude problems. Most of them are High School Students particularly most are boys. They’ve done a lot of major and minor offenses from cheating, bullying, gambling and etc. Oh my God! They did a lot of crazy things and the worst they keep doing it and never afraid of disciplinary action that will give to them.

Students of today are so lucky because it is easy to study now. Most of things they need are already there. With the help of modern technology searching is easy, in just a click all the information they need for their assignment will pop up on their computer screen. Before, you need to go to library searching for the things you need. Life is so easy for students of today. However, some of the students don’t appreciate things given to them. It seems a lot of students these days are lazy in terms of school but if you would ask them about social media, games, gadgets and boyfriend and girlfriend thing they are much more interested. Note I am not telling in general because still there are students who are responsible and upright.

I don’t understand why these students act that way. Maybe because when I was a student I’ve never done those things or got involved in any school misdemeanours. We are five siblings all of us never gave our parents and our teachers headache when we were a students. Seeing those students and knowing the things that they’ve done at school. I ask myself why these students act that way. I know there are reasons behind it.

Our School Principal and our school Team Leaders are in-charge of guidance and counselling. They encountered resentment from students and parents on the sanctions given. The worst case is a parent filed a complaint at the Department of Education. It is so hard to be a teacher, teaching while at the same time trying to discipline them in good deed sometimes misinterpreted by students and parents. There are few who don’t appreciate the value of teachers.

Sadly, most of the students that are involved in different kinds of offenses are those who have problems at home and the environment they live. Almost everyday students commit offenses at school and they will do it again and again, as if there is nothing bad with what they are doing. The worst case that is happening today is student offenders bullying their classmates. A young grade 6 student died because of bullying. Her classmates pushed her on a stone wall and she had blood clot in the brain that caused of her death. Hopefully, it won’t happen in the school I am working on and also it won’t happen again anywhere.

The youth needs a good parental guidance. Parents also should guide and keep asking their children. Maybe, there is something that your child or children going through and they need proper guidance. Parents should be aware of their children feelings and happenings in their life.